Christmas tale – “The Giving Tree”

Written at 5 am on 23rd December 2016 … thinking of my little ones at Iemer nursery, probably fast asleep and thinking of my son Joey, who brings sweet memories from his childhood to my heart. Story told to iemer pupils when Santa arrived the following morning 24th Dec to pick up the toys under ‘our giving tree’ to take away to Casal Pare Palau STA Teresita and left new ones for our pupils


Once upon a time, there was a magic forest full of trees and birds and squirrels and rivers at the foot of high mountains far away.

dscn1503In that forest there was a little house, with little furniture and two little children, just like you!

They lived with their mummy and their daddy but they were very poor and they were always very hungry.

Their daddy went out into the forest to hunt and to fish for food, just enough for them to eat, because he didn’t like to kill animals!

The children always came out to play with the squirrels running around the bushes, and looked after the flowers to be able to smell them in spring, when they bloomed. In the summer they splashed their feet in the water of the river and in autumn they picked up dry leaves from the ground and learnt the colours with their mummy, who used to tell them beautiful stories because they did not have any toys to play with.

Their dad didn’t like to cut the trees down because he taught the children trees should always be protected and preserved, so he only picked up some dried branches from the ground and had to put them in their fireplace to keep their house warm in cold winters, and mainly at Christmas time.

Their mum tucked them up well in bed every night and told them stories till they fell asleep. Then, when nobody was looking, she went to the window and with tears in her eyes asked the stars in the sky to guide Santa to their house and bring toys and books and clothes for her little ones!

During the day she just told them what she had learnt from the grandparents – stories about people, animals, nature, and sang songs to them to keep them happy!

dscn1374But one Year Father Christmas (Santa), who is very clever and knows all that’s happening around the world, decided it was time to follow the bright stars’ sign, and when Christmas came he thought the children in the forest deserved to  have a big , big, BIG Surprise!!!! because they were lovely children and never complained!

dscn1395So Ho HO HO he travelled on his sleigh to a big town far away, where there were plenty of houses, plenty of children with lots of toys they were not playing with anymore and had left them under a tree in their school. a tree they called ‘THE GIVING TREE’. With his little helpers they put some toys and books and clothes in his sack and his reindeers with their shiny noses rushed him up in the sky and over the snowy mountains and travelled fast  really fast!!!!so they could reach the little house in the forest before midnight….

What a magical night this was going to be, it was Christmas Eve and all the family were indoors  gathering by the fireplace singing Christmas carols, when  suddenly their room shone brighter than ever before and outside the stars also shone brighter than ever before.!!!!!..

They all came out to find out what was happening … and guess what!!!! they found toys to play with, books to read stories from and clothes to wear and keep warm!!!!

and they hugged each other and were so happy!!!! And they just caught a glimpse of Santa waving goodbye and travelling off to other houses where there were other children in need  he was carrying toys for them too!

This magical night took place because in town, children like you, ‘LITTLE HANDS ,BIG HEARTS’, had given away toys for other children and Santa had done the rest!

And remember that by this act of love and generosity everybody in town and in the forest had a most beautiful Christmas! Because everybody knows by now that we must learn to share and give to others in order to receive in return …

LOVE is the biggest gift of all and it is in each one of us!  if we just take the time to listen to our heart – not only at Christmas but every day of the year!

 The giving tree’ is our favourite ‘TREE’ at Christmas time at IEMER NURSERY.

Sending it to you all parents and friends with the hope you enjoy reading it too

dscn1360Values we can teach our pupils and kiddies from it

1′.protect trees’….daddy doesn’t want to cut them down unnecessarily

2′.love of nature’…children in the forest play with flowers, they protect them and don’t pick them or destroy them

3.’.love of animals’…daddy goes out hunting just to feed the family not for fun…

4. sharing’….children in town take toys ,books and clothes to school so others can use them, because they aren’t so lucky to have any at all

5.- the biggest gift of all is the LOVE mother and father and children are able to experience for each other.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS FAR… HAPPY 2017!!!! My love to you goes in this wish.

by Maria Dolors Romeu i Font

Què és la educació sensorial?

Gràcies al circuit sensorial, desenvolupem la psicomotricitat fina. Amb la psicomotricitat fina els nens aprenen a coordinar diferents moviments de grups musculars petits amb més precisió, com les mans i els ulls.

La psicomotricitat fina és molt important per experimentar l’entorn, va molt lligada amb el nivell maduratiu dels nens, per això fem que l’exercitin, perquè es desenvolupi i s’interioritzi amb més facilitat.

Hi ha moltíssimes activitats i materials per poder treballar la psicomotricitat fina, nosaltres avui hem triat aquests. Els nens han passat una estona molt divertida alhora que relaxada, han experimentat diferents textures, colors, mides… i com veureu a les imatges estaven molt concentrats!