First week of school at Iemer Nursery

Welcome to Iemer Nursery School Year 2017 – 2018

Sonrisas y lagrimas y hermosos sueños en el nuevo horizonte!!

Primers dies, un pel dificils, nous ‘friends’, nous ‘teachers’, nou curs ple de somnis meravellosos per tothom!!

Little Faces
New Faces
Little Hands
Lovely Hands To Hold
Little Hearts
Loving Hearts
Tiki.. Tac… All Day Long!!!

Wonderful Eyes
Full Of Tears
Like Drops Of Rain
Hugs And Cuddles,
Big Smiles Like The Sun
Tiki …Tac….Everywhere!!!

New Beginnings
Parents Dreaming
Life Is Back In Our Rooms
Come On Team
Let’S Have A Go!!!
Share Such Love
And Let It Grow!!!