Welcome to a new school year at Iemer Nursery

As Spring opens up,
giving way to beautiful flowers,
At Iemer we feel proud
to share our knowledge with others

Come Spring or Summer
Winter or Fall
Our team is eager and ready
to welcome you all!

Paula and Lidia
Nuria and Dolors
Paula the violinist
and myself among them
open our arms to the children’s charms
with all we can offer them,
knowledge and fun

Happy New School year
Mums and Dads,
girls and boys
new dreams to be achieved
that lie ahead of us!

Let’s follow this path hand in hand
while stepping in the world of music,
of painting, of stories, gymnastics,
good manners
sensible breathing and eating…
love of nature and singing!
you name it – it matters,
it’s a magic lot
and unique experience,
tied up in a loving knot!

At Iemer we are all one
and one for all
aiming at making our infants happy
and parents proud to see them grow.

Maria Dolors Romeu i Font