Autumn is here!

20151014_10015020151006_100812Aquestes dues setmanes hem començat a treballar la tardor en el nostre projecte. Hem fet un mural amb totes les fulles que hem dut a l’escola! Quina passada!!

Aquesta setmana sortirem d’excursió per veure la tardor al carrer (si el temps ens ho permet!!!) Ja us ho contarem!!


Nens i nenes de IEMER


We have been working Autumn for the last two weeks as the main topic of our project this season! We’ve created a big big picture with lots of Autumn leaves which we have on the boards above our hangers! Have you noticed it? It’s really lovely!

We hope to be able to go in one of our street outings (weather allowing it!!!) to enjoy Autumn outdoors! Keep you posted Mummies and Daddies!!


IEMER children.




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