Autumn reflections

To Carla Rufas Qui, IEMER student (in memoriam)

The sky is bright, full of so many shades of red,

the trees are changing colour

while leaves fall everywhere

and then I think of you and my heart melts.

I need you by my side, child,

but you can’t see or understand

the emptiness you left one day in me.

You can’t, I can.

But as I walk around the garden

I notice that nature always has its ways,

I know when all seems hopeless

that the greenness of next spring

will give trees new life and breath.

The rain will fall softly and gently

and will open my eyes and show

the power of nature in all its glow,

so I walk and walk under these autumn trees

while you fill up my thought and dreams.

You, lovely child, though closer to autumn than to spring,

will help fill my heart with love and understanding

until new colours cause the birds to sing.


Maria Dolors Romeu i Font

“If Music be the food of Love; PLAY ON!!!” (W.Shakespeare)

Un niño que obtiene algo por medio de experimentos autónomos logra un conocimiento completamente distinto al de un niño a quien se le ofrece previamente la solución. EMMI PIKLER

Choosing our favorite musical instruments to take to our music classroom where teacher Laia will delight us with her lesson and violin concert!!

Els racons de la botiga i la cuineta

We enjoy cooking!! We even try to feed our red riding hood!! Gread time with this PIKLER free play…we are really happy because each one of us is totally free…andyet we are a great team too! It’s all a question of being left to our own devices.

Relacionem els colors i les fuites amb les de veritat, fent una sortida a la fruiteria Miró. Tastem, toquem, olorem…