Spring reflections

When there’s sunshine everywhere,

when the flowers blossom

and trees are in full bloom

and there is freshness in the air after a rainy afternoon

and the smell of baked cakes already fills the room

it means a child is there.


When the sky is dark and cloudy

and the sea is angered by the storms

and the winds blow so hard

from mountaintops to towns,

destroying things made with love

and darkness takes the place of light,

a child should not be there.


But where there’s a cuddle,

happiness and laughter, food and learning,

joy and a toy, peace and yearning

for things to improve,

and a smile changes the way

our world can move,

a child is there, a perfect pearl.


Maria Dolors Romeu i Font

The magic of the giving tree

The magic of Christmas

still floats in the air

there’s love in each heart 

and joy everywhere


The smiles of children

shine like stars today

while holding the presents

they’re giving away!


The giving tree is silent

and empty’s our bench

but the school hall

reminds us of sharing each day.


So thank you once more

for your generous gifts

tonight many children

will fulfill their dreams


“Little hands and big hears”

Parents and teachers

have done it again

teaching and learning



Maria Dolors Romeu i Font

6 January 2020

Winter reflections

Dedicated to children


Snowflakes fall outside

while logs are added to the fire.

We watch them burn to ashes

with presents by our side.

The music of the season

is festive, gay and bright

and you are the main reason

why happiness has settled in my heart.

A mother full of pride

would like the world to know

you’re such a special boy.

I am aware that snowflakes

are not white everywhere,

but children have not chosen where they’re born

and yet they’re the most precious things of all.

A child should never go hungry,

or suffer any fear,

or lack what is most dear…

kindness and a toy.

We should all be able to give him

true love each day of the year

and our heart full of joy.

Maria Dolors Romeu i Font

Autumn reflections

To Carla Rufas Qui, IEMER student (in memoriam)

The sky is bright, full of so many shades of red,

the trees are changing colour

while leaves fall everywhere

and then I think of you and my heart melts.

I need you by my side, child,

but you can’t see or understand

the emptiness you left one day in me.

You can’t, I can.

But as I walk around the garden

I notice that nature always has its ways,

I know when all seems hopeless

that the greenness of next spring

will give trees new life and breath.

The rain will fall softly and gently

and will open my eyes and show

the power of nature in all its glow,

so I walk and walk under these autumn trees

while you fill up my thought and dreams.

You, lovely child, though closer to autumn than to spring,

will help fill my heart with love and understanding

until new colours cause the birds to sing.


Maria Dolors Romeu i Font